Woman using mallet

Types of Mallets and Their Uses

From rubber to rawhide—learn the specific uses for different types of mallets. Master the art of choosing the right tool for the job. Read now.

Bow vs Pruning Saws

Bow Saw vs. Pruning Saw

Bow Saw or Pruning Saw? Our comprehensive guide helps you choose the perfect saw for your garden tasks.

Two Ball Peen hammers

Ball Peen Hammer: 10 Incredible Uses.

Discover why the ball peen hammer deserves more attention with this deep-dive into its multifaceted uses. Learn how it shines in fields from construction to automotive repair.

Fret Saw vs Coping Saw

Fret Saw vs Coping Saw

Ever wondered about the differences between a fret saw and a coping saw? Our in-depth comparison will help you select the perfect tool for your work.

A bow saw and a hacksaw on wood workbench

Bow Saw vs Hacksaw

Cut through the confusion between bow saws and hacksaws with our user-friendly guide. Find out which saw you need for the work in hand.

Pull Saw vs Push Saw

Pull Saw Vs Push Saw

Choosing the perfect saw: pull saws vs. push saws. Delve into their cutting methods, versatility, and make an informed decision for your woodworking projects!

Types of Car Jacks at work

Types of Car Jacks and Their Uses

From simple scissor jacks to hydraulic car jacks, explore the world of automotive lifting tools. Find the perfect jack for your vehicle maintenance needs.

Floor Jack Repair tips

DIY Floor Jack Repair Guide

Troubleshooting Guide: Fixing a Stuck Floor Jack with Ease. Discover expert repair tips to resolve lifting, staying, and lowering issues.

Different size Floor Jacks

What Size Floor Jack Do I Need?

This guide will give you the recommended floor jack size for trucks, cars, SUVs etc. It explains a simple way to figure out the size of floor jack.

Torque Wrench Measurement

Torque Wrench Measurement

A beginner’s guide to torque measurement units, graduations on torque wrenches, and setting torque values made simple.

Hacksaw Blade Direction

Hacksaw Blade Direction

Find the right direction of hacksaw blade teeth. See this before installing the hack saw blades.

Brass hammer uses

Brass Hammer Uses

What do you use a brass hammer for? Detailed guide on the uses of brass mallets and hammer.

Dead Blow Hammer

Dead Blow Hammer

See the advantages and uses of dead blow hammers over regular rubber mallets.

Ratchet vs Wrench

Wrench vs. Ratchet

Which type of wrench can be used with a ratchet? Learn the ratchet wrenches and how it is different.

Hand Saw Types

Types of Hand Saws With Pictures

There are many different types of hand saws in use today. And while mechanical or powered saws have made their presence known, hand saws are still quite useful, especially for … Read more

Scaffold Wrench and ratchet

Scaffold Ratchet Wrench

What type of wrench do you need for scaffolding and what size? The complete guide to scaffold wrenches, their uses and common sizes.

Hammer Wrenches

What is a Hammer Wrench?

Hammer (or striking) wrench is a wrench used with a hammer to loosen stubborn nuts and bolts. So how is it different than a slugging wrench?

Best Manual Tile Cutter

Best Manual Tile Cutters and How to Use Them

What is the best manual tile cutter that is perfect for your tiling work? Here are 3 types of hand tools and instructions on how to use them. When you don’t want to use a wet tile saw, these manual tile cutters should do the job for you.

Calibrate Torque Wrench

Torque Wrench Calibration

How often do you calibrate your torque wrench? Do you know that you can do it yourself at home? Here is a guide that explains how to calibrate a clicker torque wrench with step by step instructions.