Are Drill Bits Universal?

Are Drill Bits Universal?

Think all drill bits are created equal? Think again. Find out the nuances of drill bit compatibility in our in-depth guide.

When Not to Use an Impact Driver ?

When Not to Use an Impact Driver?

Don’t let the wrong tool ruin your project. Learn the 7 key situations where an impact driver isn’t your best choice and what to use instead.

Bosch Corded hammer drill

Hammer Drill Basics

The complete guide on hammer drills. Learn what is it, uses of hammer drills. The working principle and how is rotary hammer drills different from regular hammer drills and cordless drills.

Metal and wood bits

Wood vs. Metal Drill Bit

Can you drill metal with a wood drill bit and vice versa? How to identify between these bits? Learn all about metal and wood drill bits.

Milwaukee M18 vs M18 FUEL power tools

Milwaukee M18 FUEL vs. M18 Non-FUEL

One of the most popular brands of power tools, Milwaukee has provided top-of-the-line, high-performance tools for several decades. They have established themselves as one of the best brands for cordless … Read more

Difference between Forstner bit vs hole saw

Forstner Bit vs Hole Saw

What is the difference between a hole saw and a Forstner bit? When to use a hole saw vs Forstner bit? Pick the right drill bit here,

Jackhammer Bits Types

Jackhammer Bits Explained

Jackhammers are powerful machines designed to break up hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. In fact, most people who have seen a jackhammer in use has been for street … Read more

Hammer Drill Uses

Hammer Drill Uses

What can you do with a hammer drill and do you really need one? See the list of hammer drill uses and find out if you should buy it,

Hammer Drill for removing tiles

Hammer Drill for Tile Removal

How do you remove a ceramic tile with a hammer drill? Do you need a rotary hammer or demolition hammer? Find out here.

Image: Power tools for Contractors

10 Cordless Tools for Contractors

What tools do contractors use? Here is a list of top 10 cordless power tools used by contractors and professionals. Which tools are you using?

Impact wrench accessory

Impact Wrench Accessories

Accessories and adapters improve the usability of power tools. Here is a list of various impact wrench adapters, extensions and accessories that you can use.

Impact driver reviews

Best Impact Driver for Money

What is the best impact driver available in the market? Read the impact tool reviews and find out my top picks here.

Impact wrench lug nut removal

Best Impact Wrench for Car

What is the best impact wrench for changing car tires? How much torque it should have and what size should I get? Learn to find out more about the ideal power tool for lug nut removal of your car tire.

Right Angle Drill

Right Angle Drill and Its Uses

Ultimate guide on right angle drills. Learn about this specialty power tool, its uses and benefits compared to other drill drivers.