MDF Vs Melamine

MDF vs Melamine

A detailed comparison between raw MDF and Melamine boards for kitchen cabinets, shelves, and office furniture.

Man rounding edges of a wood table

How to Round Wood Edges?

Achieve sleek and stylish woodworking projects with rounded wood edges. Discover the essential techniques and tools for impeccable craftsmanship!

Is Cedar a Hardwood or Softwood?

Is Cedar a Hardwood or Softwood?

Cedar is a popular wood species with many uses, but is it a softwood or hardwood? Read our guide to find out about true and false cedarwood and its uses.

Chamfer vs. Bevel

Bevel vs Chamfer

Master the art of beveling and chamfering with this detailed guide which will give your project an edge it deserves.

Hacksaw for wood

Can a Hacksaw Cut Wood?

Will a hacksaw cut wood or tree branches? What type of blade do you need. Learn all about hacksawing wood.

Metal Screw vs. Wood Screw

A guide that explains the difference between wood screws and metal screws. Read this before you choose your fastener.

Using Router on Plywood

Using Router on Plywood Without Tearout

Plywood is a highly versatile, inexpensive engineered wood that is used for many different projects. But while it does offer many advantages, there are few disadvantages especially when comes to … Read more

African Mahogany Flooring

African Mahogany Flooring

Find out if African mahogany a good substitute for genuine mahogany for flooring, cabinet making, and furniture.

Mahogany Hardwood Flooring

Mahogany Hardwood Floors

Pros and cons of using Mahogany for solid hardwood flooring. What nail gun do you need for installation. Learn more here.

Gluing Wood to Metal

Gluing Metal to Wood

Can you attach galvanized metal to wood? What type of glue do I need. Read this guide to find out.

Tongue and Groove Joint

Tongue and Groove Joint

All about tongue and groove joinery and it’s uses. See how this woodworking joint is made, what are the advantages and disadvantages and its applications.

Wood Planer

Wood Planer

A hand wood planer is one of the most basic woodowking tools. But do you really need an electric wood planer? Or can you finish your work with a sander? Read on to find out.

Types of woodworking joints

15 Types of Wood Joints – Names & Pictures

A visual guide that explains the different types of wood joints with illustrations. Do you know that the strongest wood joint is also one of the oldest? Learn more about wood joinery here.

Woodworking Joints

Wood Joints: Rabbet vs Dado vs Groove

While veteran woodworkers will be intimately familiar with wood joints, the vast majority of people who are just starting out in woodworking probably don’t know about the various kinds of … Read more