Webster County Woodchopping Festival: Unrivaled Lumberjack Skills on Display

A bearded lumberjack getting ready for woodchopping
The Webster County Woodchopping Festival, held annually during Memorial Day weekend, celebrates the region’s rich timbering heritage and gathers woodchoppers from around the world to compete for the “Southeastern US World Championship Woodchopper” title. Taking place in the scenic mountains of Webster Springs, West Virginia, the festival offers a thrilling showcase of world-class Timber Sports athletes competing in events such as chainsaw competitions, log chopping, and the nerve-wrenching Spring Board challenges.

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In the heart of Webster Springs, the thump of axes and the roar of power saws create a symphony of sounds as aficionados and champions converge at the one-of-a-kind Webster County Woodchopping Festival. This gathering isn’t just about the exhibition of herculean strength; it’s a harmonious blend of competition, kinship, and community jubilation.

Spread across several dynamic days, the festival becomes an arena where more than just woodchopping excellence is showcased. It morphs into a smorgasbord of entertainment with sports tournaments that ignite the spirit of competition, car and truck exhibitions that fuel the passions of automotive enthusiasts, and motorcycle shows for those with a love for two-wheelers.

This is no ordinary festival – it’s an event that promises an immersive experience, leaving an indelible mark on every attendee, a memory etched in the heart of all who step into this lively corner of West Virginia.

History of the Festival

The Webster County Woodchopping Festival has a rich history, dating back to its inception in the year 1960. The event was organized by Arden Cogar Sr., a Webster County native and accomplished woodchopper, who began competing in woodchopping events in 1956 and won numerous championship titles in the United States and Australia.
Rooted deeply in the region’s timbering legacy, the festival was born from the need to honor the exceptional skills of the local woodchoppers and lumbermen, some of the finest the world has ever seen. As the years rolled by, the Webster County Woodchopping Festival emerged not only as a tribute to this tradition, but also as a global magnet, drawing competitors from as far off as the shores of Australia and New Zealand.

Nestled within the heart of Webster County, West Virginia, this annual festival has woven itself seamlessly into the vibrant tapestry of local community and culture. A testament to its significance, the festival has, over the decades, been the stage for a parade of lumber legends, each making their mark with awe-inspiring feats and contributing to the festival’s rich history.

Webster County Woodchopping Festival, Webster Springs, West Virginia, USA
From 2005 Festival: Photo by Malachi Jacobs / Shutterstock.com
Today, it is more than an event; it is a living legacy, a celebration of skill and heritage, and a tribute to those who have found success amidst the splinters and sawdust of the woodchopping world.

For instance, Arden Cogar Sr. himself was crowned the all-around champion of the Webster County Woodchopping Festival six times from 1973 to 1980. Additionally, Melvin Lentz, another acclaimed woodchopper from Webster County, won the championship title in 1982, 1985, 1988, and consecutively from 1990 to 1994. The festival has also seen international champions like Jason Wynyard from New Zealand, who secured the championship in 2002 and 2003.

Throughout its history, the Webster County Woodchopping Festival has continued to showcase the incredible skill and resilience of woodchoppers from across the globe. Today, it stands as a testament to the strong timbering heritage of Webster County, and its enduring significance in the world of woodchopping and lumber sports.

Events and Competitions

Lumberjack Sports

Webster County Woodchopping Festival, Webster Springs, West Virginia, USA The Webster County Woodchopping Festival showcases a variety of lumberjack sports where participants from around the world compete for the “Southeastern US World Championship Woodchopper” title.

Some of the exciting events include underhand chop, standing block chop, springboard chop, and logrolling. These competitions not only display the physical prowess of the lumberjacks, but also their skill and technique in handling axes and saws.

Arts and Crafts

Besides the thrilling lumberjack sports, the festival offers an opportunity for local artists and craftsmen to showcase their talent. Visitors can browse through various booths and exhibitions, featuring handmade items such as wood carvings, pottery, jewelry, and more. This is an excellent opportunity for attendees to purchase unique souvenirs and support the local artisans.

Food and Entertainment

Along with the competitive events and craft displays, the Webster County Woodchopping Festival boasts an array of food and entertainment options for festival-goers. A wide variety of cuisines is available for visitors to enjoy, ranging from traditional West Virginian fare to classic American BBQ.

Webster County Woodchopping Festival food vendor May 24, 2008
Woodchopping Festival May 24, 2008. Photo by Malachi Jacobs / Shutterstock.com

The festival also hosts live music performances and family-friendly activities like pet and bicycle parades (source). The combination of exciting events, enticing food options, and engaging entertainment ensures that there is something for everyone at this memorable event.

Location and Facilities

Webster County Recreation Center

The Webster County Woodchopping Festival takes place at the Webster County Recreation Center in Webster Springs, West Virginia. This facility not only hosts the woodchopping competitions, but also comprises various amenities that cater to the visitors’ needs. The recreation center features a picturesque setting, with the surrounding scenic mountains providing a perfect backdrop for the festival.

Camping and Lodging Options

For those looking to stay close to the festival venue, there are several camping and lodging options available. Some visitors choose to camp at Bakers Island, which is located nearby and offers a rustic, outdoor experience. Additionally, various hotels, motels, and bed & breakfast establishments can be found in the area. These accommodations cater to a range of budgets and preferences, ensuring that attendees have a comfortable place to stay during the festival weekend.

Participation and Registration

The Webster County Woodchopping Festival is an annual event that attracts woodchoppers from around the world to compete for the title of “Southeastern US World Championship Woodchopper.” The festival takes place during Memorial Day weekend in Webster Springs, West Virginia. To participate in the competition, interested individuals should follow the registration process outlined in this section.

How to Register

Details about registration for the festival can usually be found on the official website or from their Facebook page. As the registration process might vary from year to year, it is essential to stay updated with the latest information.

When the registration period is open, participants can either register online or get in touch with the festival organizers. It is crucial to ensure that all requirements and fees are met before the registration deadline.

Competitors should also keep in mind the different categories available for participation. This may include various age groups, skill levels, and specific woodchopping events. The festival’s schedule of events, typically released in advance, will provide further information on the different categories.

In conclusion, to become a part of the Webster County Woodchopping Festival, follow the registration steps provided by the festival organizers and ensure you complete them in a timely manner. This exciting event is a great opportunity for woodchoppers to showcase their skills and compete with the best in the world.