Christmas Wreath

BELIEVE in the magic of Christmas!!!

It’s the same time of the year friends.

Today, I am very excited to share my personalized Christmas wreath project with you guys.
The wreath has a very important meaning attached to it. It is an invitation to Christ to come into your home. It is specifically round shaped which means an unending circle of life.

This season, I am so happy as I am making a Christmas wreath from scratch.

Let’s start with our little yet precious diy project.

Christmas wreath material

Materials required to make the holiday wreath:

  • Wreath structure
  • Scissors
  • Garland
  • Red and green felt (Go for glitter felt, they look amazing)
  • Few Pearls
  • Christmas bobbles
  • Glue gun

Easy DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial Video

Watch the video for the diy tutorial.

If you prefer to read the instructions and here is a step by step tutorial with pictures.

Step by step Guide

Step 1

Start by covering the wreath structure with a Garland. I am using Golden garland, you can go for silver too but then you would have to use the bobbles accordingly, like silver Garland for silver bobbles. Rotate the garland around the structure until the structure is all covered with the garland.

Step 2

It has started to look like a wreath. ๐Ÿ™‚

Take red felt and cut some flower petals out of it. We are going to need 10 of them in total. Five for the base of the flower and the other five for the top part of the flower.

To join them together, I am using a round piece of felt and with the help of a glue gun (glue gun does miracles) I am pasting all five petals on it. Looks like a flower, right? ๐Ÿ™‚ We are not done yet. Take the other five petals, cut one side of each petal in the center and join them together with the glue. Cut that extra weird looking part after glue application. Glue all five petals over the lower base to make it look real.

Glue some pearls in the center of the flower and we are done! Make green flowers the same way. I am making 6 flowers in total – 3 red and 3 green. You can go for more if your wreath structure is bigger than mine.

Step 3

Glue all the flowers in the inner part of the structure. I am going for an alternative color flower look which looks great but you can do however you like.

Step 4

Take some bobbles and glue them in between the flowers to fill out that empty space. I am going for golden glitter bobbles. The whole look is glittery which looks amazing since this is a festive season and Christmas is all glittery and Christmassy. I am going for small-sized bobbles. You can for a bigger size according to the size of your wreath structure.

Step 5

All done! Tie a ribbon on the top and it is ready to hang.

Looks beautiful, no?

Hang it on the entry door to welcome people. Here is the final product. ๐Ÿ™‚
Christmas Wreath for Door


Few tips and tricks on the project:

– Instead of cutting each petal separately, we can just cut the felt in the shape of a flower. It will cut down your time. I went for each petal because I wanted to give it an embossed look. The other way would also look great.

– Want to change colors? Just keep in mind to match the garland and bobbles colors. I am green and red flowers for the fact that the wreath is for Christmas. Green and red are your colors.

You are good to go!!!!