Dremel 3000 vs 4000. Which Dremel Tool is Better?

I’ve been using a Dremel 3000 for a while and wanted to upgrade to the Dremel 4000 model. I couldn’t decide which one to get, so I tried both models to see which one I liked better.
Here are my thoughts on the pros and cons of each one.

Differences between Dremel 3000 and 4000

Dremel 3000 vs 4000 Comparison
Rotary tools have multiple uses, which makes them perfect for homeowners making repairs or improvements. It’s little wonder that Dremel is a leading brand given the sheer number of rotary tools and the Dremel bits they offer.

The Dremel 3000 and 4000 rotary tools are both fantastic power tools. Admittedly, both versions have many similarities which should not be surprising given they are the same brand and have similar uses. But there are important differences that make them stand out from each other.

Comparison Table

  Dremel 3000 Dremel 4000
Speed 5000 – 35000 RPM 5000 to 35000 RPM
No. of Speeds 6 Speed Variable Speed
Electronic Control -NIL- Electronic Feedback
Amperage 1.2 Amps 1.6 Apms
Weight 20 oz (0.57 kg) 22.5 oz (0.64 kg)

Dremel 3000 Kit
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Dremel 4000 Kit
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If you’re a hobbyist who wants to do light work like wood carving, cutting acrylic, glass, or drywall, the Dremel 3000 should be enough. If you are a professional or someone who uses the rotary tool for a long period of time, then the Dremel 4000 is a better option since it offers a better grip and more control over speed.

Now let’s take a deeper look at the differences and find out if the Dremel 4000 is worth the additional price tag. As you can see from the above table, the major differences between them include the following.

  • Variable Speed
  • Electronic Feedback
  • Motor
  • Grip
  • Accessories
  • Cost

Variable Speed

The main difference between the Dremel 4000 and 3000 is the variable speed dial, an electronic feature that help control the speed featured on the 4000, but not present on the 3000. Using the variable speed dial you can increase or reduce the rotational speed in increments of 1000 rpm.
Dremel 4000 rotary tool explained
This may not sound like a major feature, but when working with harder materials it can make a difference. Mostly in terms of quality of surface finish and how fast you can accomplish a specific task.

Electronic Control

Add to this an electronic feedback present on the 4000 which allows you to better gauge if the device is not being pressed too hard against the material. Accordingly, the rotary tool will make adjustments to deliver a consistent speed under different load conditions. This should not be surprising since the 4000 is essentially an updated version of the 3000.

Separate ON/OFF Switch

The Dremel 4000 comes with a dedicated on/off toggle switch. This solves two problems.
Firstly, the new variable speed dial can be adjusted in the steps of 1000 RPM instead of the speed selector button in the earlier model. More importantly, in version 3000, you could accidentally press the spindle lock button while the armature is still spinning. This could potentially damage the motor or the spindle lock mechanism.
With the new separate ON/OFF switch design, the spindle lock button cannot be pushed down when the toggle switch is in the ON position.
Dremel 4000 versus 3000 comparison

Speed Range

Some websites state that the Dremel 3000 has a speed of 32,000 RPMs while the 4000 is a bit faster, allowing for RPMs up to 35,000. This is not entirely true. Both models sold in the US have a speed range of 5000 to 35,000 RPM. You can see the official comparison chart here.

To add to this confusion, Dremel Singapore and Europe websites state that the model 3000 has a speed of 33,000 rpm. According to the user manual of the Dremel 3000 that I own, it has 6 speeds ranging from 5000 to a maximum of 35,000 RPM. You will find the same information on the official Dremel US website and on Amazon here.


The Dremel 3000 model has a maximum amperage of 1.2, whereas the 4000 model has 1.6 Amps. The newer 4300 has an even higher amperage rating at 1.8 Amps.

Dremel 3000-1/24 1 Attachment/24 Accessories Rotary Tool

Comfortable Grip

The total control grip on the 4000 makes it better ergonomically compared to the soft grip of the 3000. This is not to say that the 3000 is lacking, but the 4000 is arguably better in terms of grip and handling. If you have a sensitive wrist or simply want a little better control, the 4000 is the superior model in this regard.

Accessories and Cost

In terms of accessories, the 4000 kit offers slightly more with 30 accessories as opposed to the 3000 with 28. Although it is a slight difference, your decision may be based on the two additional accessories offered by the 4000. And it should be noted that the 3000 is less expensive compared to the 4000. So, in terms of cost if you are looking to save money, then the 3000 may work well for you.

What is not changed?

As you can tell by now, a lot of features remain the same between the two models. Following are some of the noteworthy similarities between the two models.

Corded: Both models are corded versions. If you are looking for a cordless model, you should see Dremel 8220.

Minimum and Maximum Speeds: Essentially both Dremel 3000 and 4000 have a minimum speed of 5000 and a maximum speed of up to 35000 RPM.

Tool Holding: Both models feature the quick-change collect with the built-in EZ twist nose cap mechanism to replace the Dremel bits.

Dremel 3000 Vs 4000: Which Dremel Model is Best?

Again, the best will depend in large part on the primary use of the tool for your needs. This means that you should evaluate what you are doing right now and what you may need in the future. A rotary tool for occasional, around the housework, is going to be different than someone using a rotary tool daily for their work.

On that basis, you should evaluate your needs and leave out occasional work as both rotary tools are quite solid. But if you focus mainly on one type of material, then here are the differences between both devices.

For Wood Carving

Both tools are quite good at carving wood. This is because the RPM speed along with the available accessories for both make each of them well suited for this material. If you are only going to use the tool on wood or other soft materials, then you should consider the 3000 since it is less expensive.

Cutting Metal

Metal requires more RPMs and a stronger effort which makes the 4000 quite superior in this regard. This is because of the electronic feedback that helps you better gauge the pressure being applied to the metal when making your cuts. Admittedly, it’s a close call between them, but the 4000 is arguably better.

Jewelry Making

Again, the 4000 has the edge thanks to its higher better speed control and electronic feedback option. This is especially true when making fine cuts and shaping the stones or gems.

For Nails

Neither of these models is good for your toenails or for pet nails. A smaller cordless version with less power would be sufficient to grind nails. The company has a dedicated Dremel model for dog nails and pets which works great for the purpose.

But What about the Dremel 4300?

As the 4000 is the upgrade to the 3000, so too is the 4300 an upgrade of sorts to the 4000. But are the differences worth the extra cost? In fact, the devices are both quite similar with only a few differences that are worth noting.

For an in-depth comparison check our Dremel 4000 vs 4300 comparison guide. Below is a quick reference to the major differences.

Noise Reduction: Probably the most noticeable difference is that the 4300 is less noisy compared to the 4000. If you are working in an environment with other people nearby, this may be a strong consideration. Especially if you are living in an apartment or home in which noise is a factor.

Pivot Light Mechanism: The 4300 has a pivot light mechanism, a feature that is lacking on the 4000. How much of a difference this makes is debatable, but it is an upgrade to the 4000 that may be useful in certain circumstances.

Limited Attachments: Because the 4300 can only use the attachments that come with the Dremel kit, the 4000 is more versatile; thanks to its chuck design. With the 4000, you can add more attachments from third-party sources if they can be attached with the chuck.

It’s not surprising that the 4000 is less expensive than the 4300. But overall, the 4000 is more than adequate for most people’s needs. While the advances for the 4300 are nice, unless you need the noise reduction the 4000 is the better deal.

Summary: Should I Get Dremel 3000 or 4000?

Putting aside the 4300, the main question is whether the 4000 is better than the 3000. There is no doubt that the Dremel 4000 offers more features and can match and often surpass the 3000 in terms of overall performance. In case you are looking for a powerful heavy-duty grinder, I would recommend a die grinder over Dremel rotary tool.

If the concern is cost and you mostly work with wood, then the Dremel 3000 is best suited for your needs. Despite lacking many of the features of the 4000, you may not need them if you have a specific use that is focused mostly on wood or softer materials.

However, in just about every other regard, the 4000 is the superior tool. It has excellent speed control, better ergonomics, more accessories, and advanced features that make it perfect for working with many different materials which include metal and gems or stones. That doesn’t mean the 3000 cannot work for materials harder than wood, it’s just that the Dremel 4000 is the superior device.