Dremel Attachments and Accessories

Dremel understands their customers, and they’ve turned usability and time-saving into a science. Their accessories and attachment are legion and cover most tasks you could traditionally carry out with hand tools and a few you’ve never thought of. This guide covers an extensive list of Dremel’s accessories, outlining their uses and advantages.

Dremel Accessories and attachments

1. Dremel Accessories (Bits)

Dremel has a vast collection of bits and accessories for their handheld rotary tool. This is what makes it so versatile. You can use this tool for sanding, grinding, trimming, polishing, and more just by changing the bit. We have a full article on different Dremel bits, so we’ll list a few of the most common ones here.

  • Sanding bits (disks and drums)
  • Cutting bits
  • Etching and engraving bits
  • Routing and drilling bits
  • Grinding and sharpening bits
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2. Flexible Shaft Attachment

The Dremel flexible shaft attachment is the ultimate in small precision work. This flexible shaft effectively extends the reach and functionality of your Dremel tool. The compact form of this accessory allows you to work in hard-to-reach spaces.
Flexible Shaft Attachment
The flex shaft also gives your better control while working on carving or hand-engraving on intricate projects. Since this attachment grips much like a pencil, it allows you to work comfortably with it for hours, creating engraving and etching masterpieces. 

The flexible shaft is compatible with most other Dremel accessories. So, you can use it to polish, trim, grind, cut, sand, and anything else you would typically use your Dremel for. The advantage here is the reach since you don’t have to fit a slightly bulky hand tool into tight spaces.

3. Flex-Shaft Tool Holder

If you’ve spent a lot of time working with the flexible shaft attachment, you’ve probably knocked the Dremel base off the work table a few times or dropped it when working in awkward positions. That’s where the Flex-Shaft tool holder accessory comes in.

Dremel tool stand drill Accessory 2222
It’s a convenient stand on which you can hook your Dremel rotary tool, so you don’t accidentally knock it off the table.

It also cleans up and organizes your workspace since it can hold various accessories and bits. Now, everything is neatly organized and within easy reach when you need it.

If you have metalworking skills, this is an accessory that you can do yourself and save some money.

4. Dremel Multi-Vise

The Dremel Multi-Vise accessory is a nifty three-in-one tool that can clamp your workpiece to your workbench, act as a standalone clamp, or hold your Dremel tool. The adjustable orientation on this device allows it to clamp most workpieces securely and in a position that suits you best.

Dremel Tool Multi-Vise and Tool Holder

It’s the ultimate versatile clamp, freeing your hands to work with greater precision.

You can use this accessory to secure workpieces while you drill, sand, carve or etch them using the Dremel or any other rotary tool.

You can also clamp other small items while working on them without your Dremel. For example, when gluing the ear back on a mug, you ideally need one hand to hold the ear, one to hold the glue, and one to hold the mug. This gripping vise can be your third hand.

Clamp for Dremel Rotary Tool

Sharpening blades and chisels is a precision task, and you need two hands to hold the tool you’re sharpening. You also don’t want the sharpening drum to move during operation since this could ruin your working blade. That’s where the tool holder function comes in. It clamps the Dremel to your workbench securely so that you can use it as a regular bench-mounted grinding wheel.

5. Rotary Tool Mandrel

Mandrels are devices that attach accessories and bits to rotary tools. The Dremel Rotary Tool Mandrel is ideal for attaching disc-shaped Dremel bits.

Dremel Rotary Tool Mandrel
It’s primarily used for cut-off wheels but is compatible with a few other accessories and attachments. These accessories include abrasive cutting discs, cut-off wheels, Abrasive Buff, Dremel 541 grinding disc, and polishing wheels.

6. EZ Lock Mandrel

On a regular mandrel, you would fasten the cutting or polishing wheel using a screw, which takes time. The EZ Lock system eliminates the need for a screw, making accessory changes up to six times faster than before. You could swop out grinding, cutting, and sanding discs in seconds.
Dremel 1/8 inch EZ Lock Mandrel
The EZ Lock Mandrel is genius in its simplicity.

It consists of two main parts:

  1. Inner shaft with butterfly profile
  2. The outer collar around the shaft

How to Use the EZ Lock Mandrel?

Follow the steps below when attaching a new accessory such as a Dremel metal cutting disc.

How to Use a Dremel EZ Lock Mandrel

  • First, pull the outer part down.
  • With the outer collar down, insert the matching butterfly-shaped hole in the accessory to that of the mandrel.
  • Then, turn the accessory 90° and release the outer part. It’s clicked in place and ready to use.

When removing it, reverse the process.

7. Screw Mandrel

The screw mandrel is the simplest tool holding mechanism on a Dremel tool. It is meant for attaching polishing bits and cut-off wheels to the Dremel rotary tool.

It’s compatible with most polishing accessories since it has a head size of ½” diameter and a 1/8″ shaft.

8. Keyless Chuck

Drill chucks typically require a key or wrench to open and close them. This takes time, and we often misplace these tools.

Changing the drill bits can be highly time-consuming when working on a project that calls for various drill bit sizes. Dremel understands this and developed a keyless chuck, eliminating extra tools when changing a drill bit.

Dremel Keyless Chuck

The Dremel keyless chuck is a self-centering 3-jaw chuck that doesn’t require a wrench to tighten. It’s an attachment compatible with most Dremel models and accepts bits and accessories with shanks between 1/32″ and 1/8″.

However, I recommend you use the standard collet to hold the bits whenever possible. Collets are much more accurate and secure compared to the keyless chuck. The advantage of the chuck is its ability to hold different size shanks.

9. Sanding Mandrel

The Sanding mandrel is also called the EZ speedclick mandrel. This time-saving device is meant for quickly changing 13mm sanding discs.

Dremel EZ SpeedClic Sanding Mandrel
Sanding discs are best for finishing and roughly shaping things. During these tasks, you could go through many discs in quick succession, and swapping discs can be time-consuming. This EZ speedclick sanding mandrel makes removing and attaching the sanding wheels quickly, saving time during projects.

10. Collets and Nut

This Collet and Nut set consists of four collects and one nut of varying sizes. These are meant to securely clamp rotary bits to the Dremel Tool and are compatible with most Dremel accessories.

These collets and nuts allow for quick tool changes, saving time during projects. Since they vary in size, they function as a one-stop-shop for all your Dremel accessories.

11. Spark Shield

The Dremel rotary tool is often used in grinding, polishing, sanding, and other applications that produce sparks and debris. These could interfere with the task at hand and cause injury to the operator. The Spark Shield attachment solves this problem by redirecting the sparks and other debris away.

This shield is adjustable and can be used with left-handed or right-handed grips.

When using this shield, attach it to the rotary tool before attaching the cutting bit. Swivel the shield to the desired position before starting the cut.

12. Right Angle Attachment

The Right-Angle Attachment is perfect for working in awkward, hard-to-reach spaces. This attachment has a 90° angled head attached to the Dremel Tool, extending its reach and allowing it to work in one of 12 easily changed positions.

How to Use the Dremel Right-Angle Attachment?

To install the Right-Angle Attachment to your Multi-Tool, follow the procedure listed below.

  • First, unscrew the collet.
  • Remove the collet nut and install the drive cap provided with the Right Angle Attachment.
  • Install the collet and collet nut you just removed onto the Right Angle Attachment and install your chosen Dremel accessory.
  • Adjust the working angle to your preferred position and work as you usually would.

The attachment works much like a right-angle drill. Keep in mind that, unlike a regular Dremel or drill, you are not applying pressure along the axis of the rotating drill bit. Hence, you will have less control over the cutting bit.

If you are using this attachment for the first time, it may take some time to get used to the working of the right-angle attachment.

13. Chainsaw Sharpening Attachment

Chainsaw blades become dull over time, and sharpening these blades can be difficult. Many choose to replace their blades rather than sharpen them, but this is often unnecessary.

The Dremel Chainsaw Sharpening Attachment offers a quick, easy way to sharpen your chainsaw while maintaining the correct cutting angle on the blade.

The Dremel Chainsaw Sharpening Attachment kit consists of,

  • A sharpening angle guide
  • adjustment gauge
  • a wrench, and
  • four grinding stones.

Consult the accompanying manual to select the grinding stone best suited to your application. Install the sharpening angle guide and adjust it to the correct position. Install the grinding stone, and get to work.

For best results, glide the grinding stone between the chainsaw blade’s teeth in slow, even strokes until you’ve achieved the desired sharpness.

14. Grout Removal Attachment

Removing grout lines between tiles is often a tricky task, and the risk of cracking or breaking tile edges is high. The Dremel Grout Removal Attachment minimizes this risk and simplifies the task of grout removal. 

The Grout Removal Kit consists of a grout removal guide and a carbide grout removal bit (#569).

The guide that can be screwed on the front of the rotary tool has a fixed working angle of 30°. The attachment also has a large window that ensures that you can always see the grout line during the grout removal process.

The Grout Removal Accessory is adjustable, matching your desired working depth up to 13mm.

15. Line and Circle Cutter

Dremel Circle Cutter Attachment
Cutting perfect circles and straight lines using a hand tool has never been easier. The Dremel Line and Circle Cutter cuts perfect circles ranging from 2cm to 30cm in diameter. It also allows you to cut perfectly straight lines with a width of 1cm to 11cm.

How to Use the Dremel Circle Cutter?

This attachment is simple and easy to use. The attachment consists of a housing, a multi-purpose cutting bit, a straight edge adapter, and a circle cutting adapter.

  • Remove the nose cap and screw on the line and circle cutter housing to your Dremel tool.
  • Depending on your requirement, choose whether you’re cutting a circle or a straight line.
  • If you are cutting a straight line, attach the straight edge at the desired length using the thumbscrew. The adapter acts as a straight edge that you can move against the board’s edge.
  • To cut the circle, attach the circle cutting adapter, which acts as a pivot. You can change the distance to set the circumference and place the tool in the desired location for a circle.
  • Drill a hole at the center of the circle to be cut,
  • Place the protruding portion of the circle cutter guide into this hole.
  • Switch on your rotary tool and lowly plunge the Dremel bit into the material.
  • With the circle cutter adapter acting as a pivot, slowly move the tool in a circle to complete the cut.
Tip Do not use a drill bit for cutting the circle. You need a milling cutter such as the Dremel cutting bit (#561).

16. Multi-Purpose Cutter Kit

The Multi-Purpose Cutter Kit is ideal for making controlled freehand cuts into various materials. This kit includes a cutting guide, two drywall cutting accessories, a multipurpose cutting accessory, and a quick-start guide. 

The cutting guide allows you to set and control the cutting depth up to 19mm. It also has large windows to clearly see the cutting line while working.

Freehand cutting into laminate, wood, drywall, and fiberglass is simple and easy with this attachment. It’s perfect for creating signage, installing light fixtures and electrical boxes, and shaping laminate.

17. Wall Tile Cutter Attachment

Cutting and shaping tiles to fit awkward spaces doesn’t have to be daunting. The Wall Tile Cutter Attachment allows you to cut tiles into any shape, freehand. The cutting guide attaches to the Dremel Multi-Tool, allowing you precise control over the cut. Its large windows ensure that you can always see the cut, making cutting even more effortless. You can also control the cutting depth up to 20mm.

You can also use this accessory to cut directly into walls. Now, you can create space for outlets, light fixtures, and switches quickly and easily. 

This attachment is similar to the Multi-Purpose Cutter Kit.

18. LED Light

The Dremel Pivot Light comes with the Dremel 4300 model Multi-Tool and isn’t available as a separate attachment. This light can be rotated to different positions to illuminate your workpiece and cutline.

It’s perfect for working in tight, dark spaces where you can’t always use another light source or have inadequate lighting.

19. Dremel Dust Blower

One of the challenges of engraving and sanding is the dust and other debris generated while working. It obstructs your view of the workpiece and cutline and typically means that you should pause your work often to blow away the dust.

If you are into woodworking or metalworking, you probably have an air compressor at your shop or garage and you can use the compressed air to blow the dust off. However, if you are a hobbyist doing art and crafts work, chances are that you don’t have an air compressor.

The Dremel Dust Blower solves this problem by blowing away the dust while cutting. This attachment fits any Dremel rotary tool that uses a standard collet nut and attaches to the Multi-Tool with your chosen cutting tool.

20. Detailer’s Grip Attachment

Detailing is often an arduous task. It requires spending long hours holding a tool in an awkward position. Here, your hands could become tired, affecting the quality of your work.

The Detailer’s Grip Attachment allows you to hold your Dremel like a pen, easing the pressure on your hands. You can work for longer, creating fine detail as though you’re drawing on paper.

The Detailer’s Grip Attachment screws onto the Dremel tool, shifting the tool’s center of gravity. Here, the tool’s weight rests on your hand rather than your fingers. This leaves your fingers free to move as needed, creating exquisite detail with greater precision.

21. Shaping Attachment

The Dremel Shaping Attachment lets you tidy up cuts, creating sharp 90° or 45° corners. Using a grinding stone accessory is the perfect tool to sharpen your garden shears. You can use the Shaping Attachment freehand, or you can use it with the Dremel Multi-Vise to create a benchtop shaping platform.

You can also adjust the Shaping Attachment up to 20mm, allowing for greater precision. This platform works with most cutting bits.

22. Drill Press Workstation

The Dremel Workstation transforms your Dremel rotary tool into a small, bench-mounted drill press. Here, you can drill accurate holes with complete control, up to 5cm in depth. The angle is adjustable up to 90° so that you can drill, sand, and polish workpieces.

The Workstation doubles as a fixed tool holder, keeping your workstation clean and organized. You can mount your Dremel here and use it with the Flexible Shaft for greater ease of work.

23. Plunge Router Attachment

The Plunge Router Attachment turns your Dremel rotary tool into a plunge router.

The attachment has a clear base onto which you mount your Dremel Multi-Tool, offering you an unobstructed view of your workpiece. This versatile tool allows you to set the routing depth or work freehand at variable depths.

Whichever option you choose, you have greater control over the routing process and can create neater, cleaner cuts than using the Dremel on its own.

24. Router Table

The Dremel Router Table turns the Dremel rotary tool into a bench-mounted routing tool facilitating precise routing, sanding, and shaping. The router table measures 203 x 152mm and has a three-way adjustable fence. You can groove, slot, trim edges, and sand with greater ease and precision at nearly any angle. 

This attachment is easy to use. The plastic knobs allow for easy assembly and quick depth adjustment. It also has a transparent, adjustable router bit allowing you to work safely while keeping the cut line in full view.

25. Mini Saw Attachment

The Mini Saw Attachment turns your Dremel hand tool into a high-speed handheld saw, creating cuts of 6.35mm deep. This attachment is meant for cutting wood and wood-like materials, including laminate, at 90° angles.

Ergonomic design and an angled base prevent the rotary tool from being in the way when creating cuts. The transparent safety guard ensures that you always see the cutline while preventing potential injury from the blade.

To use the Mini Saw Attachment, unscrew the standard collet, attach the drive cap to your Multi-tool, and screw in the Saw attachment. Insert and tighten the blade, and start cutting.